Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
The people of
The United Methodist Church

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309 Herman Avenue
Lemoyne, PA  17043

Friends . . . that’s the essence of how we are going to grow Grace Church! Many see the problems of our community and our neighborhood as overwhelming. Many would walk by our church and say "What are you doing? There are THOUSANDS of people who will never enter your church, you’ll never make a difference . . ." I pray our response can be the same as that little boy on the beach. I pray we can say "I made a difference to that one . . ." Who is your one? In whose life will you make a difference because you have been loved by God? When we look at ALL of the problems that surround our neighborhood, we could get overwhelmed but if we zoom in to the individual. If we zoom in enough to get to know someone and offer them the same love that we are given by God, we can see that we WILL make a difference to that one.

Let’s make a difference in the world. Some might go on to make decisions that affect a GREAT number of people and make a huge difference to tons of people at a time. If not, let us as Mother Theresa once said "do small things with great love". Let us make a difference in people’s lives one by one. Start picking up some starfish and start throwing them back into the ocean! Life’s storms have washed many people ashore and they could use some good neighbors and friends to help them find their home.

Little by little, Jason