We offer these minimum standard guidelines as a proposal for how to safely return to worship

Standard Guidelines

  1. Everyone over the age of 2 must wear a mask covering their nose and mouth.  If you do not have one, we will be happy to provide one.  The face covering must be worn the entire time we are together in the building.    
  2. No one with a fever of higher than 100.4 degrees or exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 should enter the building. 
  3. Only “open spots” in the sanctuary may be used.  The goal is to space people out 6-8 feet in every direction.  If you need assistance, a greeter will help you find an open area.  
  4. Families in the same household may sit together in an “open” area. 
  5. Hand sanitizing stations are available and expected to be used at each entrance and exit of the sanctuary. 
  6. We will remove, temporarily, all hymnals, attendance pads, Bibles and pencils from the pews.  All information will be available on the screens. 
  7. We will temporarily discontinue the use of liturgists.  All scripture will be read by the presiding worship leader. 
  8. While singing is a significant part of the worship experience, we will be unable to do so corporately (temporarily).  However, we hope to have prerecorded musical interludes by Grace musicians during which we may reflect on God’s constant love and grace. 
  9. Our announcement sheet will be placed in every open area prior to the service.  We will continue to email it too!  If you need one, take one. 
  10. There will be no formal “passing of the peace” during the worship service. 
  11. Communion will not be celebrated for the time being during in-person worship. 
  12. There will be no formal “offering” during the worship service.  Baskets will be placed at each of the back entrances/exits.  We thank you so much for your generosity.  Donations may still be made online at www.graceumlemoyne.org/donate or via text  by texting a dollar amount to 844-964-1547.
  13. The choir will not be able to sing immediately upon reopening.  We will continue to seek ways to incorporate solo music or other special music in the service.
  14. Shaking hands/hugging is not recommended and will not be initiated by Grace Church staff or volunteers serving in worship. 
  15. Children will not come forward for a children’s message or leave the service for children’s church or nursery care. 
  16. We will discourage the corporate recitation of common litanies and prayers.  Please recite the corporate prayers in your heart. 
  17. Prayer requests shall be made audibly during the sharing time.   
  18. We will continue to stream our worship service live.  It will be available on Facebook live at 10am and immediately following on our church’s YouTube channel.
  19. All persons who do not require use of the elevator should enter the sanctuary from the rightmost red door on Herman Avenue.  Persons requiring use of the elevator should enter the sanctuary from the sanctuary door immediately outside of the elevator.  All participants should leave from the rightmost door as you face the back of the sanctuary.  Exit will be clearly labeled. 
  20. The only bathrooms to be open are the two bathrooms on either side of the parlor.  If there is a line formed, please stay AT LEAST 6 feet away from each other as you await a restroom.  Restrooms will be designated as unisex, as the occupancy of both rooms is one. 
  21. In order to keep everyone safe, the doors to the sanctuary will remain locked until 15 minutes prior to the start of service.  We also ask that attenders leave the sanctuary immediately after the service ends.   
  22. The fellowship hall and other areas of the building will remain closed/unavailable. 
  23. Should someone contract/test positive for the virus, we will use all of our available outlets to inform attendees of the positive test (For privacy reasons, no names will be used).  This includes but is not limited to calling, emailing, posting on social media to provide the most robust contact tracing response.
  24. Any and all of these guidelines are subject to change as more information becomes available. 
  25. We are SO EXCITED to resume in-person worship but will insist on these regulations and guidelines being pursued and enforced as we “do no harm” and love our neighbor as ourselves.