grace Church is a safe sanctuary

Grace UMC aspires to be a safe, loving atmosphere to share the love of Christ with everyone who participates in our children and youth programs and any programs involving vulnerable adults.  Grace church requires everyone working with children, youth and vulnerable adults to read and complete our Safe Sanctuaries process. 

Our Safe Sanctuaries Policy includes screening and background checks on all adult volunteers and staff working with young people and vulnerable adults in any capacity, training on preventing and recognizing abuse and reporting procedures and as well as building usage guidelines to ensure the safety and security of each child.  Read the policy in entirety first.  All direct links to the necessary procedures, forms, training and external websites are contained within the policy.  

Safe Sanctuary Policy and Procedures

Click here for step by step instructions on how to fill out clearances. 

Questions regarding our Safe Sanctuary Policy and Procedures can be directed to our Safe Sanctuary Coordinators: 

Leslie Kocher @ or Jessica Orndorf @